Log in to JupyterHub

You must log in with your 'g.ucla.edu' email. Otherwise you will not be permitted to start a server.

Please also note: If you are logged onto another (non-ucla) gmail account in your browser, you may get some odd-looking messages about Server Errors if you do not log out before trying to access JupyterHub.

Starting the Server

After clicking the top link, you will by taken to a webpage to start your session.

Depending on whether you are initially logging in or are already logged on, you will then see a webpage looking like:

Stop menu


Button to Launch JupyterHub Server

Clicking on the green button will take you to your JupyterHub server.

Control Panel

Once the server starts, you will be presented with a webpage looking like this:

JupyterHub starting page

The most visible element will be the list of your files/folders. Initially this will be empty until you start using JupyterHub.

There are three tabs you can select:

You must be in the Files tab to upload files and create new notebooks.

Opening and Running Notebooks

To create a new notebook, click on the "New" button. You will be presented with options:

Selecting one of these options will open a new tab in your web browser, and you will be presented with a standard Jupyter notebook.

Outside of interacting with the cells, you may select command options from the menu at the top of the page.

Notebook menu

Using this menu, you may save notebooks, rename them, close them, quit/restart/interupt the kernel, add/delete/change cells, and etc.

Stopping Notebooks and Ending Sessions

To close a notebook, select "File" and then "Close and Halt". You will be asked about leaving the site -- click Leave and you will be taken back to the initial control panel.

You must explicitly click the logout button if you are using a public computer and do not want subsequent users to be able to access your session.

You may close a web tab at any time. This will close the tab but the notebook will continue running.

Also, if you "close" a notebook by clicking on the "Control Panel" or "Logout" buttons, you will be taken to a screen where you have the option to stop your server, but the notebook will continue running without halting. The mentioned screen looks like:

Stop menu

You may indeed stop the server by clicking on "Stop My Server" or you may return to the control panel by clicking on "My Server". Clicking on "My Server" will return you to your control panel, with active notebooks marked with a "Running" label next to their file name in the Control Panel.

Running menu

Active notebooks can also be viewed in the "Running" tab.

All active notebooks and terminals may be shutdown via the "Running" tab in the Control Panel. Notebooks that have been terminated with the "Close and Halt" menu item do not need to be further shut down.

To do a final logout, click on the Logout button as mentioned above and click on "Stop My Server". This will halt all running notebooks.

Notebooks and files will be saved in between active sessions, but unsaved cell entries in notebooks will not be persistent unless they are explicitly saved through a notebook's menu command.

Idle servers are automatically shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you "accidentally" forget to logout before quitting your browser, your server will be shut down for you. Please also note that unsaved material will be lost after 10 minutes of inactivity.